Recipe Builder Updates (June 2021)

June 1st 2021

Today the Erudus Recipe Builder has been updated with both features that will help users comply with the upcoming Natasha's Law when making any Pre Packaged Products for Direct Sale (PPDS) and some general quality of life improvements that will enhance the usability and productivity of the Recipe Builder overall.

To help users comply with the upcoming Natasha's Law, the Erudus recipe builder will now generate a Natasha's Law compliant ingredients declaration when making any PPDS. A link to the knowledgebase guides on how to do this is found below.

Generating an Ingredients Declaration for a Saved Recipe

Other quality of life improvements include the ability to use saved recipes as ingredients in other recipes, adding images to recipe specifications, customising the allergen information for a saved recipe and the ability to generate an allergen matrix for all your saved recipes. Links to the knowledgebase guides for those new features below.

Using a Recipe as an Ingredient

Adding Images to Recipes

Customising the Allergen Information of a Saved Recipe

Generating an Allergen Matrix for Your Saved Recipes