Using a Recipe as an Ingredient

You can use a saved recipe as an ingredient in another recipe. A good use of this feature is if you use the same sauce as an ingredient in multiple recipes e.g. the same bolognese sauce in a Lasagne, Spaghetti dish and a Cannelloni.

Step 1

Click on the recipe builder button on the right side of the User Dashboard after logging in

Step 2

Either create a new recipe or select an existing recipe that you want to add an existing recipe to as an ingredient.

Step 3

From the "Ingredients" menu of the recipe editor, click the "Add From Recipe" button.

Step 4

Use the search bar at the top of the menu to find the saved recipe you wish to import as an ingredient and then click on the recipe to import it.

Step 5

You can edit the quantity, cooking information and purchasing information for the recipe that has been imported as an ingredient before continuing with editing the recipe you are working on.