Managing Your Customer Purchase History

You can upload your customer purchase history to your Erudus Wholesaler account. By doing this, you can download the product data relevant to individual customers or, if you have a subscription that allows customer access to Erudus, they can self-serve for this data using their Erudus customer account.

This guide will show you how to upload a customer purchase history record to your wholesaler account and how to then download customer-specific product data.

Note: Only Admin Users of a Wholesaler account can manage customer purchase histories

Uploading a Purchase History | Step 1

From the Wholesaler Dashboard, click the "Customer Data" button at the top of the page.

Uploading a Purchase History | Step 2

On the customer data management portal, any already published customer purchase history data will be visible on the left side of the page.

The right side of the page is where you upload the file containing your customer purchase history.

In order for a customer purchase history to be successfully uploaded it must meet the following requirements:

  1. The file must be a spreadsheet in csv format
  2. The first column of the file contains the Customer Reference
  3. The second column contains the Wholesaler Product Code for the product the customer has bought

Warning: Uploading a customer purchase history will remove the previously uploaded record so if you are maintaining purchase histories for your entire customer base this will have to be managed from a master record

Here is an example of how a customer purchase history file should be formatted before uploading

Uploading a Purchase History | Step 3

If your customer purchase history has been uploaded successfully then the purchase history data will become visible on the left side of the page and if the customer has customer access to Erudus through you then they will be able to download their purchase history themselves.

Keep reading to find out how you can download product data for a customer's purchase history

Downloading a Customer Purchase History | Step 1

Once you have uploaded a purchase history to your Wholesaler account. You can download individual customer purchase histories by first clicking on the "Products" button near the top of the page on the Wholesaler Dashboard.

Downloading a Customer Purchase History | Step 2

From the product management page, click the "Additional Options" button at the right side of the screen and then click "Download CSV" from the dropdown menu.

Downloading a Customer Purchase History | Step 3

Here, you would normally download all of the product data for every product in your range but now you can select an individual customer's purchase history to download using the "Customer" dropdown menu and then click the "Start Download" button. This will download all of the products related to the customer reference you uploaded in the purchase history file.