Reviewing Product Specifications

Product specifications will have the clock reset for reviewing a specification when a product has a change made to it. This guide will show you how to review a product specification that has not changed.

Specifications that were created before the 8th of January 2024 will need to be updated to a new specification type before any review can take place. If you are unable to review a specification then you can follow the Guide for Updating a Legacy Specification.

To maintain the integrity of the Erudus data pool, Manufacturers are expected to review product specifications within 3 years of publication, update or previous review.

Reviewing Product Specifications | Step 1

On your manufacturer dashboard, you will be notified how many products on your account require review. Any product specification that hasn't been updated or reviewed within 2 years will be flagged for review. Clicking the "Review Required" panel on the dashboard will take you to a list of products that require review.

Reviewing Product Specifications | Step 2

If the product specification has not changed, click on the additional options button at the end of the row for the product that you want to mark as reviewed and click the "Mark as Reviewed" button from the dropdown menu. You will then be asked to confirm that the specification has not changed since the last time it was updated.

Reviewing Product Specifications | Step 3

You will now see that despite the last changed date for the specification has not been altered, the last reviewed date has been reset and the product no longer requires review.