Microbiological Testing Attribute Update - Yeast and Mould

29th April 2022

Historically, when manufacturers have completed an Erudus specification and documented the microbiological standards testing for a product, the testing for moulds and yeast has been covered by a single attribute labelled "Moulds & Yeast (cfu/g or ml)".

In an effort to offer more clarity at every step in the supply chain, Erudus will be replacing the current "Moulds & Yeast" attribute in the microbiological standards section of specifications with separate attributes for both moulds and yeast.

What Does This Mean to an Erudus Manufacturer Subscriber?

If you are an Erudus manufacturer subscriber adding new product specifications and wish to document the testing for either moulds or yeast then please ensure that you use the dedicated attribute for the organism you wish to declare testing for. The historic attribute is still there but with clear guidance that it will be depreciated. See the screenshot below for reference:

If you are an Erudus manufacturer subscriber with existing specifications that have testing data in the "Moulds & Yeast" attribute, Erudus urges you to amend your product specifications to use the correct separate attribute for the specific testing that the product undergoes before the combined attribute is depreciated, at which point any associated data will be lost. Screenshots of the individual attributes for mould and yeast testing can be found below for reference.

The Erudus Technical Team will be contacting Manufacturers that have data in the soon to be depreciated attribute to ensure appropriate action is taken.

Should you have any queries regarding this attribute change please contact Erudus Support:

Email: support@erudus.com
Telephone: 0333 121 8999