New Attribute - Inner Product Weight

2nd February 2022

In an effort to drive standardisation and uniformity of data being entered and consumed within the Erudus data pool, we have added a new attribute to specifications relating to the inner product. The new attribute is called "Inner Product Weight" and will be available from today on all new specifications created and available to update on any existing published specification. This new attribute is the first step towards the standardisation of product names within Erudus and will be used alongside other attributes that will be added to Erudus in future updates to create standardised product names.

Previously, the weight or volume of the inner product has been declared through the use of a free text box which allows manufacturers to declare the weight/volume and the units of the measurement. This approach, while flexible, can cause inconsistencies with the way in which data is entered into or extracted from the Erudus data pool. 

The existing "Weight/Volume" attribute that uses the free text box will be removed in a future update to Erudus and all manufacturers entering specifications are to use the new "Inner Product Weight" attribute instead. This new attribute will only accept a numerical value for the weight of a single inner product and the units of measurement are fixed and selectable using a dropdown menu option which will provide standardised outputs for this data throughout the supply chain making the data easier to consume.

Manufacturers are encouraged to review and update existing specifications so that the new "Inner Product Weight" attribute is completed and not the historic "Weight/Volume" attribute so that when the old attribute is retired the data will be available in this new format ready for the next step towards product name standardisation.

Should you have any queries regarding the newly introduced attribute "Inner Product Weight" or how it should be completed, feel free to contact Erudus support with any questions.


Telephone: 0333 121 8999

Here is an example of the new attribute "Inner Product Weight" alongside the historic "Weight/Volume" attribute which will be retired