New field: Short Product Name

29th September 2021

A new field has been added to Erudus specifications titles "Short Product Name". This field is in addition to the "Product Name (including pack size)" field. The short product name is the name of the product without branding or pack size information.

Why has this field been introduced?

This field has been introduced to make the way products are listed in solutions powered by the Erudus data pool, including the Erudus Recipe Builder, more efficient. When a short product name is available for a product, that product name will be used to generate label information in the Erudus Recipe Builder for the upcoming Natasha's Law and strip out any unnecessary data, maximising space on completed labels and making them easier to read. An example of labels generated with long names vs short names can be found below.

A long name ingredients list on a label looks like this

A short name ingredients list on a label looks like this

What do I have to do as a manufacturer?

Our Technical team have been working hard to provide Short Product Names for those products already in the Erudus Data Pool and you may notice that Short Product Names have been added to your specifications. If you do notice this, we ask that you check the name and if you believe there is a more accurate alternative please feel free to change it.

Manufacturers are encouraged to review all of their published specifications to ensure that there are product short names available. This field is non-mandatory presently but offers great benefits to everyone consuming the data and further enhances any solution powered by Erudus data. 

If you have any queries about the new field "Product Short Name" please feel free to contact Erudus support


Telephone: 0333 121 899