Annatto (E160b) Validation Added

4th Jan 2021

A new validation rule has been added to the ingredients declaration for specifications published or updated by manufacturers in Erudus.

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/771, the food colouring Annatto (E160b), is no longer relevant for products manufactured after 2nd January 2021. Annatto Bixin and Annatto Norbixin are now declared separately in a products ingredients declaration and the changes are as follows:

  • Annatto becomes:
    • Annatto bixin
    • Annatto, bixin
    • Annatto norbixin
    • Annatto, norbixin
  • E160b becomes:
    • E160b(i) - when declaring Annatto bixin
    • E160b(ii) - when declaring Annatto norbixin

Should any new or revised specifications contain "E160b" in the ingredients declaration, Erudus will present the following error message under the ingredients declaration to prompt a change before publication:

"E160b is not a valid ingredient. Please specify E160b(i) or E160b(ii)"

If any further clarification is required regarding this, please contact the Erudus support team via:


Telephone: 0333 121 89 99

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