Basic Specification Update - Suitable For Coeliacs and Gluten Claim

9th March 2020

Following the update to the "Cereals Containing Gluten" and "Gluten Content <20ppm" fields in the Erudus specification data set, changes have been made to basic specification sheets to accurately communicate the data from these new fields.

From now, when viewing a basic specification the "Gluten" icon in the "Allergy Information" section of the basic specification is no longer used and the "Cereals" icon is used to identify the presence of cereals that contain gluten.

There is a new "Gluten Claim" field under the "Allergy Information" section that will relay the information from the new "Gluten <20ppm" field in the specification.

If a product has been declared that it is suitable for a coeliac diet by the manufacturer, that information will now be easily identifiable with the addition of a new icon in the "Dietary Information" section clearly stating whether or not the product is suitable for a coeliac diet.

Below is an example of the "Allergy Information" "Gluten Claim" and "Dietary Information" for a product specification that contains cereals where the gluten content is <20ppm and the product is suitable for a coeliac diet to illustrate the new changes to the specification:

Please note that further enhancements have been made to communicate the gluten claim of a product which are documented in a future Release Note Document