Recipe Builder - Creating a New Recipe

This guide will show you how to create a new recipe using the Recipe Builder tool.

Please Note: Recipes do not save automatically so be sure to regularly save using the "Save" button in the recipe editor

Creating a New Recipe | Step 1

After logging into Erudus, click on the "Menu Planner" button at the top of the screen to be taken to the Recipe Builder and Menu Planner options.

Creating a New Recipe | Step 2

You will be taken to the Menu Planner options where you can click "Create a New Recipe" from this page or, alternatively, you can create a new recipe from your recipe library by clicking "All My Recipes"

Creating a New Recipe | Step 3

Enter the name of your recipe in the text box at the top of the page.

Creating a New Recipe | Step 4

The buttons underneath the ingredients list can be used to add ingredients to your recipe in several different ways

Adding Ingredients Options Explained:

Find Ingredients - You can use this option to search the Erudus database for products using the following information:

  • The product's barcode
  • The products name
  • The Wholesaler product code (if your account was issued by a Wholesaler)

You can also search using the FSA's composition of food data (CoFID) database for generic product information

Add From Recipe - You can add any of your completed recipes to a recipe as an ingredient

Custom Ingredient - If you are unable to find the product you need using the "Find Ingredients" option you can enter the data for the product you need to add manually as a custom ingredient.

Creating a New Recipe | Step 5

Once you have added the ingredients you can use the tabs along the top of the editor to review the following additional information about the recipe:

  • Method and Recipe Notes
  • Nutritional Information
  • Allergen & Dietary Information
  • Ingredient Label Information
  • Recipe Imagery

Screenshots below show examples of the other tabs in the recipe editor:

Creating a New Recipe | Step 6

Once you are happy with the completed recipe, save your recipe and then you can download the completed recipe specification using the "Download PDF" button.