Downloading Your Wholesaler Product Range Data

This guide will show you how to download different reports for data related to your product range.

Please note: Only Admin users of a Wholesaler account can access these downloads

Downloading Product Range Data | Step 1

From the Wholesaler Dashboard, click on the "Products" button to be taken to your product range.

Downloading Product Range Data | Step 2

From the product list, use the additional options menu on the far right side of the screen to be presented with options for downloading different data reports related to your product range data.

Additional Options Explained:

Download CSV - Download a CSV file containing all of the product data for all products that you have a Wholesaler Product Code attached to.

You can download this report in different formats if they are required for import into other supported systems or you can download product data for a specific customer if you have your customer purchase history uploaded to your account.

Download Packaging CSV - Download a CSV report with detailed information regarding the waste packaging associated with each product you have a Wholesaler Product Code attached to

View Schema - You can view the product schema for the Erudus data model which details:

  • All available attributes in the data model
  • Which attributes are mandatory
  • Which attributes will cause a major version change to a specification when changed by the Manufacturer