Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Your Erudus Account

For users who would like an added level of security when logging into Erudus, there is a facility to allow for two factor authentication (2FA).

If you would like two factor authentication applied to your user account all you need to to is send a written request to from your registered Erudus email address.

Once two factor authentication is applied to your account, you will need to download an authenticator application for your mobile device. Erudus would recommend either the Google or Microsoft authenticator applications but there are many out there on mobile app stores.

On first login after applying two factor authentication to your account, you will be presented with a QR code to scan with your authenticator app and the app will then generate a 6-digit code every time you attempt to log in.

Do note: If you would like to stop using two factor authentication then you will need to contact Erudus support. Deleting the authentication code generator from your authentication app will not disable this feature