Managing Additional Addresses

Some manufacturers may have multiple manufacturing sites and will want different products to display the address of the manufacturing site where it is produced so that queries can be directed through the correct channels. This guide will show you how to add multiple addresses to your account and apply them to product specifications.

Please note that only Admin users can add additional addresses to a manufacturer account but any user with product management access can apply an address to a product.

Adding an Additional Address | Step 1

From the manufacturer dashboard, click on the "Profile" button at the top of the page

Adding an Additional Address | Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the profile page and you will find the "Additional Addresses" area of the page. Just click "Add New Address" and complete the address information before clicking "Save"

Applying an Address to a Product Specification

Whether you are creating a new product specification or editing an existing one, the addresses that have been created in the profile are selectable in the product Editor. The Address attribute is found in the "General" section of the editor and any addresses you have created can be applied to the product using the dropdown menu before publishing the change