Managing Product Lists

All Erudus users can create lists of products that they are interested in. Users can opt-in to receive notifications when a product in any of their lists changes by following the Turning On Product Change Alerts Guide.

This guide will show you how to create product lists and manage them.

Creating a Product List | Step 1

At the top right corner of the screen on any page, you will be able to click on the "My Erudus" dropdown menu to display options related to your user account. Product list options are found in "Product Lists"

Creating a Product List | Step 2

To create a product list, enter the name of the list in the text box at the top of the product list page and click the green tick to the right of the text box.

Adding Products to Lists

When viewing a product specification you will find the heart-shaped product list button on the right side of the product name. Clicking this will show you all of the product lists you have created and allow you to toggle which lists the product is placed in.

You can also create new lists from this menu by entering the name of the list in the text box at the bottom of the menu and clicking the green tick button.

Viewing Product Lists

Once you have added products to lists and go back to the product list options from the "My Erudus" menu you can click on the name of a list to view the specifications in the list or use the buttons to the right of the row for the list to:

  • Delete the list
  • Rename the list
  • Download all of the product data for products in a list in a CSV file