Erudus Product Packaging Layers

4 distinct packaging layers can be documented on an Erudus specification. This article will give some information on the terminology used for the different layers and examples of the different layers of a product specification.


Transport packaging is used to ship multiple outer cases, typically via palletisation. Some products do not ship on pallets and non-palletised products will have no data for pallet-related attributes.

An example of a palletised product

Outer Case

The outer case is the trading unit of the product. Multiple inner packs/inner components are typically packaged together in the outer case.

An example of an outer case of product

Inner Pack

The inner pack is only applicable to products that have a middle layer of packaging used to  group the inner components together, before being placed in the outer case.
For example, individually wrapped chocolate bars that are grouped in a retail-ready carton that are then shipped in an outer case.


An example of an inner pack of a product

Inner Component

The inner component of the product is the smallest unit of the product, typically what the consumer would open and consume the contents.

An example of an inner component of a product