Saving Queries

This article shows you how to save a query you have run using the query builder tool.

Step 1 - Naming your Query

Once you have built and run your query you will see the results page, to save your query for future use, simply give your query a name (1) and hit the save button.

Step 2 - Query Saved

1 – Once saved you will see a blue message box appear at the top of the page advising you your query has been saved and the name you assigned to it. You can now recall your saved query in the future.

Step 3 - Recalling a saved query

Recalling saved queries can be done form the ‘quick search’ screen by clicking on the ‘saved queries’ menu.

Step 4 - Saved Query List

A list of all your saved queries will be displayed. To see the query criteria simply click on the query name.

Step 5 - Saved Query Criteria

The query builder will open up and you will be able to view and make changes to the previously saved query. Please note you will need to re-save your query if you make any amends to the criteria, otherwise, it will revert to the previous save criteria.