Using The Query Builder

The query builder tool allows you to conduct specific searches using Erudus.  This could be anything from searching for a particular manufacturer, foods suitable for a specific allergy group or even searching for a vegan, halal or kosher range.  The below guide shows you how to select specific search parameters using the query builder. 


1 – Query Builder: in this section, you state the criteria to search against.

2 – Include: in this section, you state the attributes you’d like to display in the results.

3 – Run Query: once you have selected your search criteria, selected your includes and output method, click this button to run the query. Depending on the complexity of your query it may take up to 15 mins for the results to load.

4 – Attribute: you can select which data attribute to search using this drop-down option.

5 – Attribute rule: select the rule for the attribute i.e Nuts = No, Fat = Less than etc.

6 – Specify the rule value i.e Fat = Less than 3g.

7 – Add rule / Add Group. Add additional rules/groups to your query

8 – Delete: deletes the attribute from the query builder.

Query Options (Criteria)

In this example, we have added 2 attributes to the search criteria along with various attribute rules and values.

Data Sets to Include

In this example, we have added a number of ‘Includes’ so the results return information for General, Inner Pack, Outer Case, Allergens and Accreditations (1).

We now run the query (2) by clicking on the run query button.


1 – Back: clicking this button will take you back to the query builder page.

2 – Once run you can save your query for future use.

3 – Changes the number of results shown per page.

4 – Pagination.

To view all the information on screen scroll the page to the right if necessary to see all the additional includes information.