Downloading Your Product Range Using The Member Dashboard

This article will show you how to download a data file with the food data for all the products you have assigned a local product code to. If you haven't done this already, please see the guide for 'Adding a local code to a product' or 'Uploading a range list to match local codes to products'.

If you have done one of these items above please follow the below guide:

Step 1 - Access the Member Dashboard

Click the Member Dashboard button from the User Dashboard.

Step 2 - Access the Product Code Manager

From your Member Dashboard, can click the Products Button to show any local codes you have added to product specifications in Erudus.

Step 3 - Download CSV file

This screen shows any local product codes which you have assigned to product specifications.

You can download a CSV file of all the products you have local codes assigned to and the associated product data by clicking the "Download CSV" button.

Step 4 - Confirm your download

Below is the screen which is shown to confirm the download of the CSV file containing the data.

The default format will give you the entire Erudus data set for the products, you can also download the CSV file in a format compatible with Lady Lodge, Saffron or Star Chef.

Once you have selected the preferred format, click the generate download button to start your download. Larger files may take a couple of minutes to generate.

Step 5 - Viewing Your Download

Below is a screenshot of what your file will look like when opened with Microsoft Excel.

This will show the entire Erudus data set for every product specification with a local code applied to it.

To view more of the items of data relating to each product you can scroll to the right to browse these as shown in arrow 1.

To view more products that have your local codes attached you can scroll down as shown in arrow 2.