Adding a Local Code to a Product

To add your own local or wholesaler code to one of your products on Erudus follow the below instructions:

Step 1 - Access member dashboard

By clicking on the member tab at the top of your screen this allows you to access the member dashboard (1).

Step 2 - Access product list

By clicking on the products tab (2) within your member area this will show you all of your products on the Erudus system.

Step 3 - Find the product

Using the search bar find the product you wish to add the local code to by searching the product name, supplier code or by using the inner or outer GTIN.

Step 4 - Complete local code for product

Type in your local code into the 'Your Code' box then confirm the action by clicking the green tick symbol to save this local code to this product.

If you need to add more than one local code to the product you can do this by separating them with a comma (as shown in the image).