Finding Products with Quick Search

Step 1

From your User Dashboard click on either (1) Product Search or (2) Search for products to be taken to the quick search function. 

Step 2 - Quick Search Overview

The Quick Search screen looks like the below:

1 – Quick Search: This tool allows you to search for products using the products name, GTIN, manufacturers supplier code or your own local codes

2 – Query Builder: Create complex search criteria and query the Erudus Datapool for products matching certain criteria.

3 – Saved Queries: Once built with the Query Builder you can save them for use at a later date. Saved queries can be found under this menu.

4 – Quick search box: You can search for a product using the product name, Supplier’s product code, internal GTIN or outer GTIN (barcodes).

5 – Local Product code search box: If you have matched your own local product codes to Erudus then you can search for products using your own local codes.

Step 3

Enter the search information you’re looking into, in this example, we are searching very broadly using the keyword "Beans".

Step 4 - Search Results

Your search will return a number of results that are displayed in the example below:

1 – Option to change the number of products displayed per page: options are 10, 25, 50 or 100 results per page.

2 – Product Name: your list of returned results will be displayed below.

3 – Local Product code: if you have matched your own local product codes to Erudus then your local product code will be displayed here. In this example, you can see ‘AB123’ is returned for the first search result.

4 – Supplier’s Code: this is the brand owners product code.

5 – Brand Owner: this will show you who the brand owner of the product is.

6 – Last Updated: this will show you the last time the product specification was changed.

7 – View Specification Button: click this to view the full technical specification of the product.

8 – Download a PDF version of the product technical specification.

Step 5 - Local Product Code Search

Like with Quick Search, searching using your own local product code is easy to do, from the ‘Quick Search’ screen enter your local product code in the local product code search box.

Step 6

Instead of seeing a list of results you are taken straight to the product specification page.

Your local product code (1) is displayed. To return to the quick search click the back button (2).