Supplier Profile - Navigating Your Way Around

1 – Erudus One: this is your home button: pressing this will always return you to your user dashboard.

2 – Product Search: this allows you to search for product specifications using Erudus Technical Search.

3 – Supplier Dashboard: this will navigate to your supplier dashboard.

4 – Profile Menu: change your password or update your contact details.

5 & 23 – Click here for help: raise and send us a support ticket as well as user guides and walkthrough videos for new users and refresher training.

6 – Home: by clicking this at any time it will bring you back to this above screen.

7 – Products Menu: clicking this will bring up a drop-down menu allowing access to adding new productsviewing published productsviewing draftsimporting brandbank products, product visibility with wholesalers and integrity reports of your published products.

8 – Accreditations: this will access any previously uploaded accreditation certificates or will allow you to upload a new one.

9 – Customers: this is where any requests for documentation from brand owners will be displayed.

10 – Alerts: this will display any current or previous alerts such as product update requests or updates to the Erudus system.

11 – Users: this screen will display any users that have been set up with access or allow you to add or remove a user to your manufacturer account (this will only be displayed if you have the correct admin access).

12 – Profilechange any company details or contact details we have on file for your supplier account.

13 - Supplier Details Tab:  This is where the main contact details for your supplier will be shown, we ask this is kept up-to-date at all times in case Erudus needs to get in touch with your company.

14 - Billing Tab:  This is where the billing contact details for your supplier will be shown, if this is the same as the main contact then it can be left blank.

15 - Additional Contact Details Tab: Any other contact names and details can be added to this area.  These are labelled as: Technical contact, Commercial contact and Complaints contact.  There is also a section to add a different address for a manufacturing site in-case this is different from the main address of your supplier.

16 - Cancel: If you don't want to save any changes you have made to any of these sections click cancel.

17 - Save Changes: Once you have made any changes to this area you want to save and keep, click the save changes button.

18 - Contact Name: the name of the Erudus contact at your company.

19 - Contact Position: the position that the above Erudus contact holds within your company.

20 - Contact Telephone: this box is for the telephone number for the Erudus contact supplied in (18) and (19).

21 - Contact Email: this box is for the email address of the Erudus contact.

22 - Company Address: the main address for the company is displayed here, if there are separate addresses then this will be the one for the head office.