Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to answer specific questions about the products you have published to Erudus without needing to look through individual specifications.  You can query any attribute on a specification and query multiple attributes at once to create complex queries.  The below guide shows you how to select specific search parameters using the query builder.


1 – Query Builder: Here you build out your query using different rules that query specific product attributes.

2 – Attribute: you can select which attribute to query for individual rules using the drop down menu.

3 – Attribute rule(s): select the rule for the attribute you are querying.

4 – Add rule / Add Group Buttons: Add additional rules or rule groups to your query

5 – Delete: Deletes the rule from your query.

6 – Include: Use the checkboxes to select which data sets are returned for the products found in your query

7 – Output: Before you run your query, you can decide whether the results are returned on-screen or downloaded as a csv file

8 – Run Query: once you have selected your search criteria, selected your includes and output method, click this button to run the query. Depending on the complexity of your query it may take up to 15 mins for the results to load.


1 – Back: This button will take you back to the Query Builder.

2 – Save Query: You can save queries for repeated use without building the same query each time you need to use it.

3 – Results Per Page: Changes the number of results shown per page.

4 – View/Download Specification: Use these buttons to either view the product specification online or download a PDF copy.

To view all the information on-screen, scroll the page to the right if necessary to see all the additional datasets you included from the Query Builder.