Uploading or Adding an Accreditation or Certificate

To add a food accreditation or certificate to your supplier account just follow the below instructions:

Step 1 - Access the supplier dashboard

Start by clicking the Supplier Dashboard button from your User Dashboard.

Step 2 - Navigate to the Accreditations Manager

From the Supplier Dashboard, click the "Accreditations" Manager to go to the Accreditations Manager.

Step 3 - Adding a New Certificate 

The accreditations manager shows any certificates you have previously uploaded. This screen will be blank if you haven't uploaded any before.

To upload a new certificate click the "Add a New Certificate" button.

Step 4 - Enter Certificate Details

This is the screen shown to upload your new certificate. All of the boxes need to be filled in otherwise you will get an error message preventing you from uploading this certificate.

The file you upload can be in a number of different formats and this can be accessed by your customers.

Please make sure the expiry date is inputted correctly as you will receive alerts on your dashboard when the expiry date is approaching.

To complete the upload click the upload & save button at the bottom of the screen.