Updating Your Supplier Profile Details

It is important to keep the contact details on your Erudus account up to date in order to ensure both Erudus and your customers can get in touch with the correct person for any given situation. This guide will show you how to update these details.

To be able to update these details you need to be a Super Admin user for your Erudus account.  Contact Erudus support to enable this access.

If you need to change the display name of your Supplier account on Erudus you need to contact Erudus support to do this.

Step 1 - Access Your Supplier Dashboard

Click the Supplier Dashboard button from the user dashboard.

Step 2 - Access the profile tab

Click on the "Profile" from the Supplier Dashboard.

Step 3 - Update Supplier Details

You can then use the tabs along the top of the screen to navigate through the different contact details within your business and update them accordingly, including:

  • Main Erudus Contact
  • Head Office Address
  • Billing Contact
  • Technical Contact
  • Commercial Contact
  • Complaints Contact

Once you have updated the profile information, click the "Save Changes" button on the right side of the screen. This will save any updates and complete the profile update. Clicking cancel will not save any changes and take you back to your Supplier Dashboard.