Accessing/Importing Product Specifications from Brandbank

Erudus has partnered up with Nielsen Brandbank and we have carried over your product data from their data pool. This allows you to import a product specification from Brandbank and add it into Erudus.

The below guide will show you how to do this.

Step 1 - Access your supplier dashboard

Click the supplier tab at the top of your screen to access your supplier dashboard.

Step 2 - Access Brandbank import list

Click the product menu then select the 'Brandbank import & sync' option.

If you can't see this when clicking the menu your Brandbank access may not be active. Contact support to enable this.

Step 3 - Importing your products

This screen shows all of your products which can be imported from the Brandbank data pool.

Item 1 on the list has already been imported. The three buttons are shown on the right-hand side allow you to either view, edit or delete this product spec from Erudus.

Item 2 on the list hasn't yet been imported. Click Import to start the importing process to add this product to your Erudus product specification list.

Step 4 - Complete product specification

Once the import option is selected this will navigate to the 'add new product' process. Some of the information on the product spec will already be complete with the data from brandbank, the missing data just needs to be completed.

 Any attribute which has the sync  symbol (shown below) next to it is an attribute which has been completed by Brandbank.   

The others will need completing manually.

To see a guide on how to do this, see 'Adding a Product'.

Step 5 - Viewing Brandbank product list post-upload

Once products have been uploaded the list will be updated to show any uploaded products, once done it will give the option of viewing, editing or deleting this specification.

This product will now also show in the Published Products list on Erudus.

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