Getting Familiar With Your Supplier Dashboard

1 – Home: Clicking this will bring you back to the Supplier Dashboard.

2 – Products: Clicking this will bring up a drop-down menu allowing you to add new products, view published products, view drafts, check product visibility with wholesalers and access data integrity reports of your published products.

3 – Accreditations: This button allows you to view and download accreditation certificates and upload new ones.

4 – Customers: Manage document requests with private label owners using Erudus.

5 & 9 – Alerts: This will display any current or previous alerts such as monthly data confirmation notices or updates to Erudus.

6 – Users: This button will allow account administrators to manage users on the supplier account.

7 – Profile: Update any company details or contact details we have on file for your supplier account.

8 – Your Products: This allows quick access to your published, pending or draft products associated with your supplier account.