Manufacturer Sign Up/Register to Erudus

As a new manufacturer wanting to sign up to Erudus follow the below steps. 

Step 1 - Go to

On your web browser navigate to

Step 2 - Select Manufacturer from the menu

Using the drop-down menu select the manufacturer option.

Step 3 - Information on Erudus

This page will give you all the information about what's included in your Erudus subscription, scroll down the page to navigate through this information. 

Step 4 - Request a demo/sign up

At the bottom of the screen shown in step 3 is the following options.

To arrange a demonstration click 'Arrange Demonstration' (1) - Then see step 5.

To sign up for Erudus click 'Sign Up' (2) - Then see step 6.

Step 5 - Request a demo

By filling in the below form and clicking 'Request Demonstration' will allow our support team to get back to you and arrange an Erudus demonstration. 

Step 6 - Sign up

By filling in the below form and clicking 'Sign Up' will send your details to us so we can get you signed up to Erudus. 

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