Resetting a Forgotten Password

Step 1 - Navigate to the Erudus homepage

Type the following into your web browsers address bar:

Then press enter which will bring you to the main log-in page.

Step 2 - Click the forgotten password link

Click the forgot your password link on the main page marked with a number 1 on the below image.

Step 3 - Enter your email address

Type your email address into the box and click the send password reset link for us to send you a new password.

Step 4 - Check your email

You will receive an email from Erudus with the below password reset, you simply click the link to reset your Erudus password (1) OR copy and paste the URL into your browsers address bar (2).

PLEASE NOTE - This e-mail can often get caught in spam or junk filters, be sure to check these folders on your email account.

This password reset token does expire, if you receive an error telling you the password token is invalid please repeat actions from Step 1.

Step 5 - Choose a new password

Enter a new password into the password box (1) and repeat it below in the confirm password box (2).

Please note your password needs to contain the following:

At least ONE number
At least ONE letter
At least ONE special character (eg. £, @ or &)

It also needs to be AT LEAST a minimum of 8 characters.

Finally, click the reset password button.