How to Contact a Manufacturer Directly

Sometimes you may need to contact a manufacturer directly, whether it's to discuss a product data error you have reported or to make a request for a product or image to be uploaded, there is an easy way to get a manufacturer's contact details so you create a dialogue around your requests.

Important Note: Direct manufacturer contact is not a substitute for submitting an Erudus product data error form and should be used to follow up any product data errors you have submitted via the Erudus form.

When looking at any specification in Erudus, the contact information for the manufacturer can be found on the left side of the screen at the top of the specification underneath the description of the product. This contact information is typically the main phone line for the companies head office and you will need to ask to be transferred to the appropriate department:

When requesting additional products be added to Erudus or to follow up with a product data error, you will typically need to speak to the technical team.

When making a request to a manufacturer for them to add product images, your call will most likely need to be directed to their marketing department.

If you are unable to follow up with a manufacturer directly, you can contact and we can forward your request to the appropriate person to start a dialogue between you.