Setting a Feature Image - Wholesaler

Step 1:

Click on the Image Hub Button on the user dashboard.

Step 2:

From the Image Hub dashboard, click the "Manage Images" button.

Step 3:

You will need to find the image you wish to make a feature image for a particular product. 

You can do this by either using the "Find & Select Product" button (1) to find all images associated with a product specification. Or, you can click the "Images" button (2) for a product specification in the image details sidebar while browsing the images on Image Hub

Step 4:

When you are managing the images for a particular product specification, the product information will show at the top of the Image Hub interface (1). 

From here, you can select an image associated with that product specification by clicking it, and then clicking the "Set as Feature Image" button in the right sidebar (2).

Step 5:

When an image is made a feature image for a product specification, it will become the primary image displayed when viewing that specification.