Understanding Basic PDF Specifications

Basic PDF Product Specification 

1 – Product Specification Info: at the top of the page will be displayed the date this specification was added to Erudus, the date any changes were last made as well as the supplier code added by the manufacturer.

2 – Product Name: legal name of the product.

3 – Product Description: extended description of the product.

4 – Supplier Details: the GTIN (or barcode), supplier name and supplier code is shown here.

5 – Reference Intake: the percentages of nutrition versus the recommended daily intake relating to this product's attributes.

6 – Nutritional Information: all nutritional information is displayed here with values relating to a 100g serving.

7 – Allergy Information: the information on this product in relation to the 14 major allergen groups.  Does not contain will be a Grey icon, May Contain will be an Orange icon, Contains will be a Red icon.

8 – Dietary Information: the suitability of this product for each dietary group is shown here, Grey icons show that it is not suitable for and Green icons show that it is suitable for.

9 – Gluten Claim Text: A declaration as to the gluten concentration of the product if it contains cereals containing gluten

10 – Allergen Statement: The allergen statement from the manufacturer of the product typically including may contain statements based on the risk of cross contamination in the manufacturing process

11 – Ingredients: this is a full list of all the ingredients in this product, allergens are shown in capital letters or bold.