Understanding Basic Product Specifications

Basic Product Specification 

1 – Back to Search Results: this takes you back to the search screen/results

2 – PDF: download a PDF version of the product specification.

3 – Product Name: legal name of the product.

4 – Product Description: extended description of the product.

5 – Reference Intake: the percentages of nutrition versus the recommended daily intake relating to this product's attributes.

6 – Allergy Information: the information of this product in relation to the 14 major allergen groupsDoes not contain will be a Grey icon, May Contain will be an Orange icon, Contains will be a Red icon. There is also the Gluten Claim from the manufacturer referencing whether the product has a gluten concentration of less than 20ppm or not and the manufacturer's allergen statement regarding the risk of cross contamination of allergens during the manufacture of the product.

7 – Ingredients: this is a full list of all the ingredients in this product, allergens are shown in capital letters or bold.

8 – Dietary Information: the suitability of this product for each dietary group is shown here, Grey icons show that it is not suitable for and Green icons show that it is suitable for.

9 – Nutritional Information: all nutritional information is displayed here with values relating to a 100g serving.