Add a New User - Subscriptions - Navigating Your Way Around

1 – Erudus One: this is your home button: pressing this will always return you to your user dashboard.

2 – Product Search: this allows you to search for product specifications using Erudus Technical Search.

3 – Member Dashboard: this will navigate to your member dashboard.

4 – Profile Menu: change your password or update your contact details.

5 & 15 – Click here for help: raise and send us a support ticket as well as user guides and walkthrough videos for new users and refresher training.

6 – Home: by clicking this at any time it will bring you back to this above screen.

7 – Products: clicking this takes you to the product screen where you can add local codes to products or search using previously added codes.

8 – Users: this option allows you to view any users attached to your member account, this includes both customers and internal users.

9 – Customer Data: if you have attached customers this screen lets you upload customer purchase data so your customers can access this on their Erudus accounts.

10 – User Details: this tab will allow you to enter the user's name, contact number, email address and street address.

11 – Subscriptions: this tab will allow you to specify which subscriptions this user has access to.

12 – Solutions: this will allow you to select which solutions or tools this user will have access to.

13 – Create User Account: this will confirm the user details and create your new user.

14 – Cancel: this button will cancel your new user creation and return to the users' screen.