Saved Queries - Navigating Your Way Around

1 – Erudus One: this is your home button: pressing this will always return you to your user dashboard.

2 – Product Search: this allows you to search for product specifications using Erudus Technical Search.

3 – Profile Menu: change your password or update your contact details.

4 & 11 – Click here for help: raise and send us a support ticket as well as user guides and walkthrough videos for new users and refresher training.

5 – Quick Search: this button will allow you to access the quick search. 

6 – Query Builder: this button will access the query builder tool allowing for a more in-depth specific search. For a full guide on using query builder see 'Using The Query Builder'.

7 – Saved Queries - this button will access any saved queries created using query builder.

8 – Query Name: any saved queries which were given a name will be displayed here. For a full guide on using query builder see 'Saved Queries Guide'.

9 – Date Created: here will be displayed when you saved the query in this list.

10 – Remove - click this red button to remove your saved query from the list.