Main Dashboard - Navigating Your Way Around

1 – Erudus One: this is your home button: pressing this will always return you to your user dashboard.

2 & 9 – Product Search: this allows you to search for product specifications using Erudus Technical Search.

3 & 10 – Member Dashboard: this will navigate to your member dashboard.

4 – Profile Menu: change your password or update your contact details.

5, 11 & 14 – Click here for help: raise and send us a support ticket as well as user guides and walkthrough videos for new users and refresher training.

6 – Terms & Conditions: view the Erudus terms and conditions of use.

7 & 8 – Update Details: this will allow you to update your contact details on Erudus.

12 & 13 – Other Tools & Applications: if subscribed you can access the ‘Allergen & Nutritional Data Search’, 'Nutritional Calculator & Meal Planner' and/or ‘Recipe Builder’.

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