Log-In Screen - Navigating Your Way Around

1 - Email Address: When logging in this is where you enter your email address.

2 - Password: When logging in this is where you enter your password.

3 & 7 - Terms & Conditions: This link will take you the Erudus T&C's page.

4 - Log In Button: Following entering a username and password click this login button to log into Erudus.

5 - Forgot Your Password: If you have forgotten your login password this link will allow you to ask Erudus for a password reset.  See our guide on ' Resetting a Forgotten Password'.

6 - Infotech Studio: This links to the website of Infotech Studio who made the Erudus site.

8 - Help: Click the blue question mark to access the Erudus help and support options.

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