Multiple Product Search

Step 1 - Access Search

From your User Dashboard click on 'Allergen & Nutritional Data Search'

Step 2 - Access Multiple Search

Click the Multiple button on the Erudus header bar.

Step 3 - Enter Product GTINs

In the search box fill in each TRADE GTIN either separated by a comma or add one per line.  You can also use a local product code instead of GTIN if your account was issued by your wholesaler.

Once you have entered all of your local codes or GTIN codes click the add to download button.

Step 4 - Select Format

Each of your GTIN/local codes will be confirmed in the box on the right and you can remove any unwanted codes at this point.

Select either CSV or PDF format to download your product specifications.

Finally, click the download button.

Step 5 - View Your Download

Your PDF or CSV will then be downloaded as a file to your computer with the selected product specifications displayed across 2 or more pages depending on the number of products.