Finding Products With Allergen & Nutritional Data Search

Step 1 - Access Search

From your User Dashboard click on 'Allergen & Nutritional Data Search'

Step 2 - Search Overview

This will now display the main search screen.

Step 3 - Conduct a Search

Enter the search information you’re looking for into the search bar, in this example, we are searching very broadly by entering ‘Fish Fingers’.

You can also search using GTIN (or Barcode), Suppliers Code or a Wholesaler Local Code (if you are connected to a wholesaler with your account)

Then click on the search button.

Step 4 - Search Results

Your search will return a number of results that are displayed in the example below:

Each result will display product name, description, trade/inner GTIN, supplier name & supplier code (as shown below).

Step 5 - View a Specification

Below is an example of the product specification which will be displayed by selecting a product from the search results.