Erudus Icons & Icon Font

You are free to use these icons and we would encourage you to adopt them as the industry standard solution. All we ask is the following guidelines are met:

– The icons must be presented in a legible fashion for the end user i.e they are easily readable and the end user can identify to which allergen ingredient the icon refers

– The icons should be displayed at a minimum of 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels high

– There should be a minimum of 10% whitespace between icons displayed together either horizontally or vertically or around an individual icon

– Icons should always be scaled proportionally

– We believe that the colour of the icon is an important visual cue for people and that arbitrarily changing the colour could disrupt that cue and confuse users. No changes should be made to the icon itself or the colours, other than altering the size

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Icon Font

The Icon Font is an extension of the Erudus Food Allergy Icons, which were designed to help users easily identify whether a food product contains or may contain any of the major allergen ingredients using a graphical format. The food allergy icon font extends the functionality by offering designers and developers a pixel-perfect solution for the web.

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