Developer Dashboard - Navigating Your Way Around

1 - Developer Documentation: This will allow you access to the API documentation.  This documentation is aimed at developers or those comfortable using custom-coded solutions using API.

2 - Active API Keys: Any API keys you have set up for use with Erudus will be displayed here.  This will show the name, client ID and the scope associated with it.

3 - API Calls: This graph shows the history of any calls using your API key.  It is shown over the last 30 days and you may have a daily limit of calls (shown above as limited to 0/day).

4 - Registration: This allows you to register a new API key.  You need to enter a name for the API key in this box.

5 - Create Key: Once a name is entered in (4) click create to progress to the next screen. See the guide for 'Creating an API Key'.

6 - Delete: The red trash can icon is used to delete the selected API key. Once this is clicked you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.