Products Menu - New Products - Navigating Your Way Around

1 - Search Bar: This function allows you to search through your new products, this search can be by name, supplier code or the inner or outer GTIN.

2 - Column Titles: The column titles labelled: product name, code, brand owner and last updated.  By clicking any of these headings the list of new products will be sorted by the clicked title.

3 - Product Names: Every product which has been set as a new product will be shown here.  By clicking the product name this will then navigate to the specification for that product.

4 - Results per Page: This filter allows you to change the number of products is shown on each search page, the options are either 10, 20, 50 or 100 results per page.

5 - Add Code: Once a supplier uploads a product which you are going to mark as an own brand product it is then sent to this new product screen for you as an own brand label to add your code to the product.