Recipe Builder & Meal Planner - Create a New Plan - Navigating Your Way Around

1 - Plan Name: This is the field where you will name the plan, this will the name which will be displayed when locating it in My Plans.

2 - PDF: Allows you to download the plan you have created as a PDF file.

3 - Change Planner Configuration: Change the layout and attributes of your plan.  See 'Changing Planner Configuration' for more information.

4 - Save Plan: Save changes to plan with any updates you have currently added or changed.

5 - Edit Name: Allows you to change the name of each meal in the plan by clicking on the green pencil at the side of the name.  Default names will be breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6 - Add Recipe to Plan: The '+' symbol allows you to add one of your saved recipes to your meal plan.