Recipe Builder & Meal Planner - Create a New Recipe - Navigating Your Way Around

1 - Recipe Name: This is the field where you will name the recipe, this will the name which will be displayed when locating it in My Recipes.

2 - PDF: Allows you to download the recipe you have created as a PDF file.

3 - Create from Template: This will let you select a pre-saved template to use to create your new recipe.

4 - Create a New Recipe: Cancel all changes so far and create a blank recipe.

5 - Save Recipe: Saves any attributes added to the current recipe (A name needs to be entered to do this).

6 - Apply Nutrient Loss On/Off: Calculates the nutrient loss for when cooking takes place (cooking instructions need to be entered).

7 - Share Recipe: Allows all users to view the created recipe, or allows no one except yourself to view the recipe.

8 - Method & Recipe Notes: Navigates to the screen to allow you to manually type a method or any notes for this recipe.

9 - Nutritional Information: This screen shows a calculation of all nutritional information for your recipe based on the ingredients and quantities added.

10 - Allergens & Dietary Information: This screen shows a calculation of all allergen and dietary information for your recipe based on the ingredients and quantities added.

11 - Find Ingredients: Allows you to search the Erudus database to add ingredients from product specifications which have been added by manufacturers.

12 - Custom Ingredient: Allows you to add your own ingredient for use in your recipe.  You will need to enter all nutrition, allergen and dietary information manually when using custom ingredients.

13 - Serving Amount: You can change the number of servings your recipe is meant for.  This will adjust any nutrition information for portion sizes automatically when changed.

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