Allergen & Nutritional Data Search - Dashboard - Navigating Your Way Around

1 – Home: by clicking this at any time it will bring you back to this above screen.

2 – Search: this will bring you back to the main search screen.

3 – Multiple Product Search: this tool allows you to add multiple product codes or GTIN codes separated by commas to then display those multiple products.

4 – My Erudus: this is a menu which gives you the option of going back to the main screen you first viewed when logging in, or logging out of the system completely.

5 & 7 – Help: access the Erudus knowledge base for user guides and walk through videos to help you on your way.

6 & 8 – Search Function: this is the main search function for your account and allows you to search for product specification using either product name, GTIN or suppliers product code.