Downloading your Purchase History

Your wholesaler can upload any purchase history for you the caterer which will then allow you to download this product data.

Please see the above video or the below step-by-step guide on how to download this data once your wholesaler has uploaded this data.

Step 1 - Access the Allergen & Nutritional Data Search

Click the tab to access the allergen & nutritional data search shown in the tools and applications.

Step 2 - Access the purchased tab

Click the purchased tab at the top of the screen.

Step 3 - Choose the download format

Select which format you want the download. The two options would be either in a CSV Excel file or a PDF document.

In this example, we will be downloading the file as a PDF file.

Once this is selected click download.

Step 4 - View your file

Below is an example of the PDF file download.

This is spread across 2 pages and contains all the nutrition, allergen, dietary and ingredient data for your own reference about any products purchased.