Menu Planner - Change Planner Configuration

When using the meal planner you can change and edit the set-up and layout of the plan. This guide will show you the different options and how to configure it.

Step 1 - Change planner configuration

From the create a meal planner screen click the button with a cog icon which is labelled change planner configuration.

Step 2 - Adjusting the configuration

A number of different options will be displayed, each can be changed as shown below:

'Start on' - Default set to Monday, this can be changed to any day.

'Number of days' - Default is set to 7, this can be changed to 1, 5 and 7.

'Meals per day' - Default set to 3, this can be changed to anything between 1-6 meals.

Step 3 - Adjusting daily intake

The daily intake targets can be adjusted using the configuration change.

It is set by default to a recommended daily intake, however, by clicking the green pencil icon labelled 'manage custom targets' this can be changed.

Step 4 - Name your target set

Enter a name for the custom daily intake target set, then click save target to save details you have changed.

Step 5 - Adjust values

Each value can be set to a custom value. By scrolling down you can access each data set and modify it.

Step 6 - Select your custom targets

On the planner-configuration options, your custom daily intake data set can be selected from the drop-down box.