Menu Planner - Creating a New Plan

This guide covers creating a new meal plan using the Menu Planner tool. Please note this will only be possible if your subscription includes the meal planner tool.

Step 1 - Access the Menu Planner

Click on the Menu Planner button in the tools and applications section of your User Dashboard.

Step 2 - Create a new plan

In the Menu Planner Dashboard, click the button labelled "Create a New Plan".

Step 3 - Name your Menu Plan

This is the main editing screen for your Menu.

First thing is to name the plan, click on the top text bar and type the name for your meal plan.

For changing the configuration of your meal plan please see the guide for 'Changing Planner Configuration'.

Step 4 - Renaming your meals

To rename a specific meal in the plan click the green pencil icon next to that meal.

This will display a text box for you to change the name then click the green tick after you have finished naming the meal.

Step 5 - Adding a meal

To add a meal to your plan click any of the empty sections of the plan and use the '+' icon to then select the recipe in step 6.

Step 6 - Choose a recipe

A window will pop up showing you all of your created recipes using the Recipe Builder.

Select which recipe you want to add to your meal planner.

If you want to add a different recipe to your meal planner see the guide 'Creating a New Recipe'.

Step 7 - Deleting a recipe

If you are not happy with your selection you can delete them at any time by using the 'X' icon shown below.

Step 8 - Add more recipes

You can add more recipes by repeating steps 5 & 6 to populate other meals or for the other days.

Each day is summarised as a cost and nutrition total for each day.

Click the save plan button once you have finished so any additions or changes are updated.