Recipe Builder - Adding Ingredients

This guide will cover how to use the 'find ingredients' tool to add ingredients to your recipe.  There is a video guide above or see the below step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 - Find ingredients

To add an ingredient click 'find ingredients'.

Step 2 - Search for ingredients

Use the search box to search the Erudus database.

This search can use keywords, GTIN (or barcode), supplier code or a local product code from your wholesaler.

Step 3 - Select your product

Click the desired product from the list.

Step 4 - Input quantities

Input the recipe quantity, purchase quantity, purchase cost and the cooking method specify any loss the product may have when cooked.

Step 5 - Viewing product data

Browse the nutritional, dietary, ingredient and product data for this ingredient using the tabs.

Click 'add this ingredient' to confirm the product and quantities entered.

Step 6 - Adding further ingredients

The ingredient will now show on your recipe screen.

This process can be repeated to add more ingredients.

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